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Your Personal Coach 

Transcend, Quantum Leaps & Transform 


Awaken human intelligence globally, enrich & empower them to create & live the ultra luxurious, complete &  fulfilling life, ultimately transcending them towards enlightenment & liberation.


Enrich 1 Billion human lives

Empower 1,000 New Billionaires


Empower 10,000 New Millionaires

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Manish Jain is your Personal Coach to Transcend, Quantum Leaps & Transform. He is also a Hypnotherapist, Spiritual & Energy Healer.

Manish Jain's life is driven by his Vision & Mission. His life is devoted to enrich & empower human lives by invoking & igniting intelligence using the power of mind, body, emotions & life energy.


He works with people to expand their awareness & experience through the programs, products & services based on the concepts of the most advanced science & ancient wisdom. He facilitates them to align & harmonise their mind, body, emotions & life energy with their highest potential.


His ever-growing thirst for wisdom & intelligence enabled him to gain mastery over his mind, body, emotions & life energy. He is strengthening is consistently & evolving further towards enlightenment & liberation.


He attained ultimate universal awareness by the facilitation of the top international legends such as Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton as well many enlightened masters. 

He has successfully facilitated several professionals worldwide to make significant improvements in their personal life, professional life & business. It includes individual professionals & teams of corporates, start-ups, entrepreneurs, businessman & families.

His intense knowledge & experience is uniquely blended in facilitating programs of Bob Proctor to transcend & accomplish quantum leaps in business, personal & professional life.

He also possesses an enriching experience of 23 years, leading & building high performing teams, multi-million $ contracts, managing IT infrastructures globally with top MNCs of USA & Europe.

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