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It's All About You

Your Life , Your Purpose, Your Vision, Your Mission, Your Dreams, Your Goals


Tell me your burning desires & I will show you the way to accomplish it in the fastest & easiest way


Your results are guaranteed.

It's all about the science & art of creation & manifestation by cosmic laws!!

No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance & prosperity, than is required to accept misery & poverty. The only limitations are those we set up in our own minds. If you are one of those who believe that hard work and honesty, alone, will bring riches, perish the thought! It is not true!" -  Napoleon Hill


Education doesn't mean teaching people what they don't know. It means teaching them to behave as they don't behave."  -  John Ruskin


Start RIGHT NOW, wherever you are & with whatever you have; the path would be shown to you as you move forward.

Your Personal Coach 

Transcend, Quantum Leaps & Transform 

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You are the Precious Gift for Life


Madhuri Digmurti


Manish Jain has been a life transforming mentor and an extremely dear person to me. He has always been a kind, selfless, patient and loving person. One can always count on him to be there with the best of solutions and he unleashes your greatest potentials.


He has a soothing way of healing with his powers and speech. He possesses an enormous heart always wanting to give love and blessings unconditionally and has extraordinary abilities to turn one’s life around for the best. It is truly a blessing to have him as a mentor.


Aman Modi

You have taught me the true meaning of living this life. How to maintain balance between health, wealth and family and succeeding in not any one but all three is something that I understood through your methods of teaching.


To think beyond our limits and how to achieve those dreams was taught to me through TIR. Inner peace was always an ambiguity but after meeting you and learning from you, not only the meaning got clear but I am also on the journey of achieving it very soon.


Thank you for bringing about this change in me and answering every doubt that I had to my complete satisfaction. You're the best teacher I have had and it's a blessing to be guided by you. Hope I continue to cherish your blessings forever.

Emilia Bataniuc

Emilia Bataniuc


Everyone deserves to live this life in abundant wealth, health, love and happiness. We do create our life with our thoughts which then becomes our feelings to then transform in our everyday behaviour.

In fact we are responsible for our life, not our parents or our boss. We are the creator of our reality. Nowadays more and more people are understanding this and live with more awareness. If you want to change your life or change just some aspects of it or desire a drastic change then you are on the right path.


I came across Manish through someone else who promised me that if only I trust that I can learn how to achieve anything I desire and  invest into myself, my life would change dramatically.

I had my doubts and  fears and many times I wondered If it was the right decision. In fact It was the best decision and the best investment of my life which 'fruits' I'm still harvesting.

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